Personality Secrets for Irresistible Marketing

The new personality based marketing system to activate your customer's deepest unconscious desires  

The Ultimate Messaging Formula

The secret formula that attracts and sells your ideal client to your business - without worrying about what people think of you, or what to talk about.

  • You have a distinct personality type, each personality type ALREADY has a group of personality types that are the highest of compatibility. They could be your favorite client, your best friend or your spouse. You'll be unlocking this and learning how to find more of them.

  • You just click with each other, the conversation flows, you don't have to force anything. It's just easy!

  • Remember that client that you just worked BETTER with? Its not that you had similar upbringings, or were even the same gender or socioeconomic group.

  • They speak your language. They just get you, and they volley your ideas and concepts back to you so easily.

  • You'll learn how to craft messaging that your preferred personality types will unconsciously identify with, and know it’s safe to take action on. Because it’s YOU.

  • Start making bank! In the moments where it counts, it will just click and your results will flow.

  • What you'll Get. There are 4 sections: IDENTIFY, TARGET, CRAFT, and SPEAK. You'll find the answers to your questions in Target, Craft, and Identify respectively. 

    IDENTIFY Documents: 

    - Quick Guide:

    -Type Grid 3.0

    -Communication Style Blueprint

    -Communication Style Worksheet

    -Temperament Matrix

    - Temperament Matrix Worksheet

    -Cognitive Armaments Blueprint (Arsenal and Affinity)

    - Cognitive Armaments Worksheet

    - Quadra Foursquare

    - Quadra Foursquare Worksheet


    TARGET Documents:

    - Meet Your True Fans Worksheet 


    CRAFT Documents:

    -FIRE+WIND Messaging Language  

    -EARTH+WATER Messaging Language

    -SWORD+MACE Messaging Language

    -SPEAR+BOW Messaging Language


    SPEAK Documents: 

    -Messaging Methods For Content Delivery map

    -Messaging Methods For Scripts & Sales Copy map

     In the moments where it counts, it will just click and your results will flow.

Purchase now and you will receive the Ultimate Marketing Messaging Formula.

What other people are saying

C.S. Joseph has a way of explaining multiple sides of every concept he talks about. I thrive off examples because to me, the patterns are in the details and the subtleties, and he incorporates this very well in my opinion. I also really enjoy that he doesn’t shy away from the difficulties of each type. I’m an INFJ, and I’m so tired of the typical INFJ videos about how special and unique and quirky we are. Yeah, I know, give me something new! And C.S. Joseph does.

Chelsea Norris

C.S. Joseph helped me discover my MBTI type after years of mistyping on popular and well known websites by introducing "interaction types" which I don't think I would've found on my own. I'm bery grateful because I'm actually learning a lot about myself and am able to understand myself and why I behave in certain ways. 

Justin Bolyard

Clear, concise teaching by a quirky, passionate and intelligent individual. A really great balance between "You guys are really awesome; keep doing your thing!" and "You guys need to sort yourselves out because we're all tired of your nonsense!"

Eleanor Esiwonam

C.S. Joseph is an excellent source when wanting to know thyself and others better, which is key to building better relationships. I appreciated the friendly typing session, the honest opinions and hepful advice given. I highly recommend people spend some time in a coaching session with Chase, as well as listening to the many lectures he has provided. He is humble and honest in his approach to servicing mankind, and it is much appreciated. Keep up the good work, C.S. Joseph Team!

Kelly Sue Bain


    Updated tool to correctly type your OWN personality, so we can tell you the personalities of your ideal customers.


    Our exact scripts and language to use as you craft your messaging to any specific customer you desire.


    A breakdown of exactly what to say to each personality type and why; to gain the desired result for you and your business.


    A license to print true fans among your loyal customers - followers who are invested in you.

Gain the ability to precisely market!

Purchase now to fundamentally transform your business.

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