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C.S. Verify your type and figure out your colleague's types.

Utilize functional emulation to compensate for your weaknesses.

Build on your natural strengths.

Learn to effectively communicate with colleagues based on their personality types.

Learn how to build teams based on personalities for maximum productivity.

Devise strategies to make sure you and your employees are happy and fulfilled by your jobs.

Take an honest look at natural incompatibilities with colleagues.

Review your natural compatibilities with colleagues.

He tells me straight up, what my issues are, crux of the problems so I recognize (finally) my blind spots and where the chokehold in my relationships are; I'm off to the races to, essentially, FIX MY LIFE, no excuses.

Susan L.

Coaching Client

[C.S. Joseph] saved my life. . . Reading about your content--it's made me realize what my destiny as an ENFP is. . . Something that changes the entire way people view morality--and society--as a whole.


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After watching [C.S. Joseph's] videos and implementing the four pillars in my life, I no longer feel afraid or insecure about being an adult but rather proud to be self sufficient.


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It might not be work ethic, but your relationships.

Trying to perform your best? Work relationships getting in the way?
The truth is that to get ahead you must put building relationships with coworkers, managers, and subordinates first.
I can help you master it with special communication techniques.

I've coached clients with extremely difficult colleagues

and together, we developed strategies which got them into the inner circle.
This repaired professional bridges and aided their upward mobility. Start communicating so that your colleagues take notice of you, value your contributions, and ally themselves with you.

Need to Climb a wall in your life?

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