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What People Are Saying

Big thank you to Chase for confirming that I am an INTJ! Seeing as I had been mistyping myself as an INTP for nearly 3 years, this discovery was devastating... but the reward of knowing my true self is endlessly worth it. Among many other points, Chase convinced me when I realized that it is performance anxiety that I have, rather than social anxiety. I am so grateful to have been a part of the CSJ Community since I was 15 years old. I highly, highly recommend his coaching sessions to anyone and everyone looking to become their best selves or better understand other people. Not only is his typing method effective, but as a person, he genuinely cares about the individuals in this community and he says what needs to be said. Absolutely incredible.

Oliva Ows

I Stumbled onto your YouTube channel last night and watched your videos on the INFJ. You sure kicked my ass back in line...I didn't realize how much I needed it. Thanks for the great insights and brutal honesty, It's a game changer.

Anna Halipilias

For the first time in my life I didn't feel like a freak. You described my thought processes in a way I never could. I sent it to my wife stating "This explains me better than I ever could." She watched it and immediately called me crying "oh my god I think I've got you wrong all these years." I wanted to thank you because if it wasn't for you  articulating things I never could, my family would still be fractured. Now we have this inherent understanding of each others needs and processes. Thank You for giving me the tools to fix my family. 

Saa Aurelian

But thanks to your lectures, my mother has really had her eyes opened to her tendencies to be doormatted and her caretaking vice. She has made strides to live in her virtue all the while standing up for herself against her siblings, and meeting her own needs. She has thanks me quite a lot since I introduced her to your channel, but all I did was point her in the right direction. So again, thank you, your work is starting to make a real difference in her life.

Nathan Miller

Every single (conference) I've seen is like... brooooo this is revolutionary/life changing on the spot! Thanks for telling me to get Journeyman bro!

James Morken

Blew my mind while typing me correctly after I’d been typed incorrectly by someone else 2 years before. I never felt more aligned with myself than I do now that the doubt is gone.

Bob Jones

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